Aesthetic Design

Unlike the more ‘industrial’ designs of competitor products, the Sash Secure 240 has been designed to meet the aesthetic standards required by the more demanding London local authorities and features bespoke glazing bar design to blend in with other windows within a building or those of neighbouring façades. 

Security Features

The Sash Secure 240 has passed a series of 16 tests totaling 240 minutes of attack to a standard which covers the broadest scope of physical security products in the world. Its unique design features a glazing unit integrated into the hardwood sash to prevent removal and the sash itself is fortified with specially-designed steel reinforcing devices integral to the security of the product. 

Other innovative design features prevent the attacker from gaining purchase or leverage, thus preventing the removal of the glazing unit, sash or even the crucial elements of the frame. There’s even the option of chemical fixing of the unit to the fabric of the building to prevent it from being ‘blown in’ by bomb blast. The glazing unit itself conforms to LPS 1270 level BR2, rendering it resistant to a bullet from a 9mm handgun at close range. The design allows occupiers time to raise the alarm escape to a panic room, alternative exit, helicopter pad, etc. 


The Sash Secure 240 is a fully operational traditional sash with weights and cords and meets the relevant building standards for thermal efficiency. It is, of course, draught proofed to BS 6375 part 1 and can also be combined with acoustic glass to reduce sound levels for applications in more noisy environments.Thermal performance ( U-Value)  ranges from 1.3 double glazed, to 5.0 for single glazed.

Bespoke Modern Solutions for Heritage Windows

Sash Secure 240 ~ Security & Peace of Mind​​




The company's latest offering for the security market, the Sash Secure 240 is designed to prevent the opportunist criminal from gaining access or slow down the determined attacker. A traditional-design wooden security window, the Sash Secure 240 has passed testing to the highest standards and features a glazing unit conforming to LPS 1270 level BR2, rendering it resistant to a bullet from a 9mm handgun at close range. Its innovative security features are designed to give the occupants time to raise the alarm, escape through an alternative exit or reach a panic room.