Acoustic Windows CASE STUDY

Bespoke Modern Solutions for Heritage Windows


- Residential Project: St James Street

 "We were looking for modern acoustic performance but with traditional Sash & Casement windows. Sash Window Conservation were able to provide a solution to achieve both the Heritage and strenuous acoustic requirements"

                                                                                Tate Hindle Architects


To provide a high dB acoustic window to a building retaining the complex legacy curved and bowed façade windows whilst retaining the authenticity of the windows design opposite a busy main road. An independent UKAS test and rating was required.


A traditional design window was developed for the project that achieved a high 42dB. The window was physically independently tested to the stringent BS EN ISO 717-1:2013.

Other windows in the market place only achieve the BS EN ISO 10140-2:2010 (which is a purely a theoretical test and does not achieve the stated results in reality) The window we developed specifically for this project exceeds all other available Heritage/Acoustic window solutions

The double-glazed unit developed and installed in Hardwood is a unique bespoke design the performance achieved is now available for all designs and configurations.